Elegantly shaped classic cone candles

Originally, our cone candles were produced as a decorative Christmas candle for festive wreaths and decorations. However, the cone candle soon went on to become a popular interior product, which is now sold all year round. The cone candle is the only one of our products which is self-standing, making it a very versatile product. With its classic shape, it is elegant on its own, but it also sits beautifully on our candle plate or many other surfaces, for example a piece of glass, a raw cement table or a piece of marble – anything is possible, because no candle holder is required. Our range includes cone candles in three different heights, making it possible to vary the height of the candlelight to suit individual tastes.

Cone candles are supplied in boxes in the following lengths: 23 cm and 34 cm. Each package contains 2 pcs. cone candles.

EsterErik091019_3016_ 201_09-2

Colour: No. 09/2

Burn time: 13 hours

Lenght: 23 cm

Diameter: 4,2 cm

EsterErik091019_3016_ 15_09-2

Colour: No. 09/2

Burn time: 25 hours

Lenght: 34 cm

Diameter: 4,4 cm

Ester&Erik_boxes_ 2




Material: The candle is made of 100% pure fragrance-free paraffin wax from Europe’s leading producer. The candle is produced at our factory in Denmark, and the wick is made of 100% cotton.

Foot: The cone candle is the only one of our products which is self-standing, making it a very versatile product.

Self-extinguishing: The candle is self-extinguishing, so the flame dies out 2-3 centimeters from the bottom (however, we recommend to never leave lit candles unattended).

Extinguishing guide: We recommend using a candle extinguisher to extinguish the candle. This avoids smoke, and ensures that the candle is completely extinguished, thus preventing the wick from smouldering. A candle extinguisher will completely extinguish the burning wick, so the wick remains intact.
For candles with a lacquer, gold or silver coating, it is important – after putting out the candle with an extinguisher – to remove the outermost layer of lacquer from the depression around the wick so that the candle can be relit without any difficulty.

Candle-burning tips: To ensure that the candle burns in the best possible way, we recommend keeping the wick short, placing candles min. 10 cm apart, and avoiding placing candles in draughts or above a radiator.