FAQ – frequently asked questions

Do you have a question about our products, delivery or something else? We have gathered the most frequent questions and answers that may help you here. If you still have not found an answer to your question, you are always welcome to contact us at


Delivery and returns

Which countries do you ship to?

We currently ship to Denmark, Sweden, Norway, United Kingdom, France, Belgium, Netherlands, Germany, Switzerland, Italy, Ireland, Spain, USA, Canada, Australia, Finland, Croatia, India, Singapore, Lithuania, Hong Kong, Czech Republic, United Arab Emirates, Iceland, Austria, Greece, Japan, Ukraine, Portugal, Saudi Arabia, Estonia, Slovakia and Malaysia.

Please contact our customer service at if you have a request for a new shipping country.


Can I return my order?

We offer a 14-days return policy for goods from the day you receive the order. Return costs are paid by you. Returns must be delivered to the following address by self-selected carrier:

ester & erik

Att: Webshop

Bergsøesvej 23

8600 Silkeborg

If damage occurs to the items during return shipment, due to the items not being packed properly, you will be responsible for the item’s depreciation. You will be charged compensation for the decrease in value. Read more about our terms and conditions here.


Product and use

Are your candles drip-free?

ester & erik candles are usually drip-free. However, if the candles are placed less than 10 centimeters apart from each other, are placed in a draft or above a radiator, we cannot guarantee that they will not drip.


Are your candles solid-coloured?

No, ester & erik candles are not solid-coloured. Our unique manufacturing process requires our candles to be dipped a certain number of times in hot paraffin and then coloured by hand.

This traditional production process ensures us the most beautiful result and does not make it possible to produce solid-coloured candles.


Why are your candles made of paraffin?

There are several reasons why ester & erik candles are made of paraffin – both production, environmental and health reasons.

We want to preserve our traditional production process, where the candles are produced with a dipping technique and subsequently coloured by hand. We believe this process produces the most beautiful candles, and it is only possible with the production of paraffin.

Additionally, paraffin is a more environmentally friendly material than, for example, stearin and soy.

Paraffin is a residual product from crude oil that is extracted before the crude oil is refined and converted into petroleum. Many years ago, the paraffin was discarded, but it was later found to be suitable for many things – such as cosmetics, food (the layer on the outside of a cheese) and candles.

Candles made from high-quality paraffin like ours, have a higher burn quality and soot less than other candles, which also makes it a healthier choice. Our quality of paraffin is so pure that many people with allergic reactions to candles do not experience discomfort when using ester & erik candles.


Can you guide in choosing colours?

For an overview of our many colours, we refer to our colour catalogue here.

Here you get an overview of all colours, their colour codes and descriptions, and you can see how they look compared to similar colours. However, please note that the colours may vary depending on which room and lighting the candles are in. You are also welcome to contact us at so we can help.


How do I get the best burning experience?

For optimal burning, we always recommend keeping the wick short, having a minimum distance of 10 centimeters between the candles and not putting the lights in a draft or above a radiator. In addition, we recommend extinguishing the candles with a candle extinguisher to keep the wick intact and avoid soot.

For candles with a lacquer or metallic surface, it is important that after extinguishing the candles you remove the top layer of lacquer around the wick so that the candles can be easily relit.


Why do you recommend extinguishing the candles with a candle extinguisher?

We recommend that the candle is extinguished with a candle extinguisher to avoid soot and ensure that the candle is completely extinguished so the wick does not continue to glow. With a candle extinguisher, the glow is extinguished 100 per cent, keeping the wick intact.

You can find our candle extinguishers here.


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