Scented candles concept

Superior handmade candles with new Nordic fragrances

Our scented candles concept represents a marriage of ester & erik’s superior handmade candles with new Nordic fragrances.

The fragrances are developed and produced at our factory in Silkeborg in Denmark by our scented candle designer Emmanuel Martini, whose skills are unique in Denmark. He develops the fragrances from scratch, inspired by Danish values and the natural world, making it possible to bring the taste of a soft liquorice, the feeling of a walk in the woods or the smell of wild flowers by the wayside into your home – infused in a scented candle which has been created with just as much expertise, imaginative creativity and genuine passion as our original candles.

As an integral part of the concept, the handmade scented candles sit in a simple ceramic jar which can be reused as a vase. It is also possible to buy a refill scented candle so the jar can be used again and again.

We are continually testing the quality of our fragrances, wicks and ceramic jars to ensure the scented candles always convey an impression of craftsmanship and inspiration.

Emmanuel Martini

All our fragrances are developed by Emmanuel Martini. Emmanuel Martini is a Franco-Belgian scented candle designer with extensive international experience from creating scented candles targeted at individual markets in Europe and worldwide.

Emmanuel is inspired by the world around him. Partly by international designers and colour experts working in completely different fields such as the textile and furniture industry. And partly by everyday life in Denmark.

Because even though Scandinavia is not necessarily associated with special, classic scents, by going for walks in the countryside, watching the Danes going about their daily lives and observing the unique Nordic lifestyle, Emmanuel Martini succeeds in developing discreet, delicate fragrances reminiscent of rowanberries and gin, fragrant autumn woods or the cool air of dawn.

Creativity, professionalism and a sure instinct create extraordinary scented candles

We are continually testing the quality of our fragrances, wicks and ceramic jars to ensure the scented candles always convey an impression of sound craftsmanship and inspiring aromas.

The scented candles are made of 100% pure vegetable wax, which is heated before a specially developed fragrance made from natural aromas is added. The wax is poured into the jars a little at a time to ensure a uniform and attractive finish.

In the production of ester & erik’s scented candles in Denmark, temperature is a crucial factor in creating the perfect scented candle. It is also necessary to find just the right wick, as different fragrances affect the wick in different ways, which in turn has a bearing on which wick is most suitable for the various scented candles.

Working with fragrances really is an art. And it takes incredible expertise and intuition to compose exactly the right mixture of wax and fragrance, ensuring that each and every time, a beautiful and aromatic scented candle is produced that burns for more than 50 hours.


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