Elegant candle holders

Designed by Erik for his and Ester’s silver wedding anniversary, our classic, stylish candle holder has since become one of our best-selling accessories. Size medium holds both taper candles and cylindrical candles and size small can be used with our slim candles. 

As surface treatment we use PVD on our accessories. PVD treatment is a new environment friendly way to coat metals and at the same time increases the quality and finish. The surface treatment has mainly been used for high-end watches, but now this exclusive treatment has also been made possible for interior products.

Maintenance: If you want to remove candle drips from your candle holders, place the candle holders in warm – not boiling – water and wait for a couple of minutes till the wax softens. Finish by wiping with a dry, soft cloth.

Size guide candle holder Small

Fits Slim candles.

Inner size: 1,5 cm. Bottom size: 4 cm


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