The family

An enduring love of candles, craftsmanship and quality

ester & erik is a family-owned company that has been making high-quality candles since 1987. Since then, the logo with the heart in the middle has been ester & erik’s trademark – an icon reflecting the couple’s fondness for each other, and in particular for candles, craftsmanship and the quality behind their vision. A vision of creating warmth, joy and life through the candles which they have invented, produced and developed themselves for two generations.

Ester and Erik

The dream of inventing, producing and selling a special handmade candle came to Erik Møller after he had worked for more than 15 years as an export salesman in the candle industry, and led to the establishment of ester & erik.
In realising his ambition of producing only the very best, Erik drew on all his creative knowledge about materials, decoration and exports. He developed, among other things, a candle-dipping machine, which is still used to hand-dip the candles. He invented the frame that doubles as a sales display for the taper candles, which can be cut directly from the frame. And he drove to trade fairs in Milan, Frankfurt and Zurich to promote the candles and the vision behind them.

Back at the factory, his wife Ester Møller honed the quality of the candles to make sure they lived up to Erik’s dreams. With diligence and a keen eye, she assumed responsibility for the painstaking dyeing, perfect lacquering and careful packaging of the candles, ensuring they evolved into the candles we know today – hand-made products of unparalleled quality.

Next generation

Today, it is still the love of the product, the raw materials and the production which motivates Søren Møller, who took over the company from his parents in 2001. His fascination for the craftsmanship, the special quality of the candles and their ability to illuminate the lives of people and create that special ambiance has been key ever since.

The family’s experience and expertise – combined with a uniquely elegant design and special production methods – mean that ester & erik candles are not simply candles, but design icons for the home.

The candle speaks for itself.

Under Søren Møller’s management, the factory has been developed with new resources and ideas. For example, ester & erik was the first candle manufacturer in Denmark to introduce robotics, which is used to wick the frames. Today, the company has more than 2,000 dealers, and exports to more than 55 countries.

Strongly focused on developing the business and the product range, for Søren Møller the old traditional frames are a constant source of inspiration in the innovation of new and modern products, for example a scented candle line, which is also produced at our factory in Denmark.


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