Candle extinguishers

Our elegant and timeless candle extinguishers enable you to extinguish candles completely so that the wick remains intact and you avoid creating unnecessary smoke. The candle extinguisher is also practical, as it can be used to remove any lacquer around the wick which collects when burning candles with a lacquered or gold or silver finish. This ensures that the candle can easily be relit.

Extinguishing guide: We recommend using a candle extinguisher to extinguish the candle. This avoids smoke, and ensures that the candle is completely extinguished, thus preventing the wick from smouldering. A candle extinguisher will completely extinguish the burning wick, so the wick remains intact.
For candles with a lacquer, gold or silver coating, it is important – after putting out the candle with an extinguisher – to remove the outermost layer of lacquer from the depression around the wick so that the candle can be relit without any difficulty.

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