Scented candles & diffusers – new collection

Our scented candle line represents a marriage of ester & erik’s superior handmade candles with delicate fragrances. Our scented candles are produced at our own factory in Denmark and come in 8 different variants. All the fragrances are produced using natural aromatics by our scented candle designer. We have chosen to produce our scented candles in ceramic jars which can be reused as a vase or reused as a candle holder.

Enjoy everything all over again

Our scented candles and diffusers are manufactured in ceramic jars. You can recreate the unique aroma experience by filling up the jar with a refill, which can be purchased separately.

Burning instructions for scented candles

When lighting for the first time, always allow to burn for two hours. This will allow wax to pool evenly for the duration of its burn time. Take note too, that ideally, candles should not be burned for more than 2-3 hours at a time as this can cause the wick to move off center. If this happens the side of the jar can heat up and it can cause some black soothing inside the jar.

Always give the wick a little trim (about 0,5 cm) before relighting. This ensures less soot is formed when the candle is burning and that the oils are kept beautiful. Snuff out the candle with an extinguisher – try and avoid blowing it out. 

Light candles one hour prior to the arrival of guests for that maximum punch of fragrance. Extinguish the flame just before they arrive so the home appears beautifully, naturally fragrant.

Burn time: 50 hours.


Instructions for diffusers

Carefully pour half of the content of the refill bottle in the ceramic jar.

Place the metal lid on the jar and insert the sticks. We recommend you to start with 4-5 sticks. If you wish a greater scent throw you can use 10 sticks. The more sticks you use, the stronger the scent and the faster you will empty the diffuser. 

Diffusion time may vary from 6 to 10 weeks depending on the fragrance and temperature of the room.


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