Elegant and classic accessories for all our candles

Our accessories range first saw the light of day when Erik Møller created our candle holder for his and Ester’s silver wedding anniversary. Since then, the range has grown to include candle plates as well as candle extinguishers. All our accessories are classic and elegant designs, with the candle is the key element.

At the same time, the accessories go hand in hand with our candle range, so we have a holder or plate for all our candles.

Candle holders

Designed by Erik for his and Ester’s silver wedding anniversary, our classic, stylish candle holder has since become one of our best-selling accessories. It holds both taper candles and cylindrical candles (D: 6 cm), but is also available in a smaller version which can be used with our slim candles (D: 4 cm).

As surface treatment we use PVD on our accessories. PVD treatment is a new environment friendly way to coat metals and at the same time increases the quality and finish. The surface treatment has mainly been used for high-end watches, but now this exclusive treatment has also been made possible for interior products.

Shiny rose gold – Small / Slim candles

Matt rose gold – Small / Slim candles

Shiny gold – Small / Slim candles

Matt gold – Small / Slim candles

Shiny silver – Small / Slim candles

Matt silver – Small / Slim candles

Shiny black – Small / Slim candles

Matt black – Small / Slim candles

Shiny rose gold – Medium / Taper candles

Matt rose gold – Medium / Taper candles

Shiny gold – Medium / Taper candles

Matt gold – Medium / Taper candles

Shiny silver – Medium / Taper candles

Matt silver – Medium / Taper candles

Shiny black – Medium / Taper candles

Matt black – Medium / Taper candles

Candle plates

Our round plates are simply and stylishly designed, and go well with all our handmade candles. The plates are mainly used with our beautiful cone candles and pillar candles. The candle is held in place by three spikes, so that all candles sit securely. In addition, the plate has a foam backing to protect the underlying surface.

Shiny rose gold – Small / 9cm

Matt rose gold – Small / 9cm

Shiny gold – Small / 9cm

Matt gold – Small / 9cm

Shiny silver – Small / 9cm

Matt silver – Small / 9cm

Shiny black – Small / 9cm

Matt black – Small / 9cm

Shiny rose gold – Medium / 12cm

Matt rose gold – Medium / 12cm

Shiny gold – Medium / 12cm

Matt gold – Medium / 12cm

Shiny silver – Medium / 12cm

Matt silver – Medium / 12cm

Shiny black – Medium / 12cm

Matt black – Medium / 12cm

Candle sticks for decorations

Make sure that your candles stand stable in your decorations with our elegant candle sticks. Its three spears of six centimeters ensure that the candles stand securely.

The design is simple and elegant with a discreet ester & erik logo. Size medium holds both taper candles and cylindrical candles and size small can be used with our slim candles.

Gold – Small / Slim candles

Black – Small / Slim candles

Black – Medium / Taper candles

Gold – Medium / Taper candles

Candle extinguishers

Our elegant and timeless candle extinguishers enable you to extinguish candles completely so that the wick remains intact and you avoid creating unnecessary smoke.

The candle extinguisher is also practical, as it can be used to remove any lacquer around the wick which collects when burning candles with a lacquered or gold or silver finish. This ensures that the candle can easily be relit.

Shiny rose gold – Length: 11 cm

Shiny gold – Length: 11 cm

Shiny silver – Length: 11 cm

Shiny black – Length: 11 cm


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