94 colours

Widest colour palette on the market

At ester & erik, we work with an unusually large colour programme – because we love variety, and because we believe that colours lend personality and ambience to every room.

The range comprises 94 colours, and we are continually developing new shades and tints, making sure you can always find just what you are after in our large colour universe.

Water-based lacquers

All our classic candles are also available with a lacquer finish for even more colour options – designed to tastefully light up any season or occasion.

Our champagne, silver and gold-coloured candles are particularly popular when celebrating religious festivals, and all the dyes and lacquers we use are fade-resistant.

The champagne, silver, gold and lacquer finishes are a surface treatment which is applied to the candle. First, the candles are dipped into a chosen colour to add the over-dipping wax which ensures a beautiful and expressive finished candle. Next, the candle is surface-treated with champagne, gold, silver or lacquer.

Unique colour look based on innovative craftsmanship

ester & erik has developed an over-dipping wax which allows the entire colour palette to come into its own. The over-dipping wax also has a bearing on the depression which forms around the wick when the candle burns. The wax ensures that the depression is exactly the right size to prevent the wick from drowning and the candle from dripping.

Twice a year, we launch new colours. We keep an eye on current trends, and work with designers to decide on the right hues and shades. Having received samples of the new colours, we develop each colour in production, testing the colour concentration in the vat and the number of dips required to achieve the desired end-result.

European suppliers

ester & erik has been using the same suppliers ever since 1987, including the leading European suppliers of dyes and lacquers to the candle industry. This guarantees the high quality and outstanding craftsmanship of our candles, which has always been our hallmark.


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