Pillar candles

Our pillar candles are 100% refined high quality candles made from pure paraffin wax. All our wicks are of the best cotton quality with a carefully adapted dimensions to ensure optimal burning. The process of making our pillar candles is called “cold compressing” which means that the paraffin granulate are forced together under a pressure of two tonnes. This extremely hard pressure ensures a burn-time without comparison or competition. They are available in all colours. ester & erik pillar candles are NOT available with lacquer finish.

Product information

Ref. Length Packaging Pieces Burn time Diameter
9612 12 cm Box 6 45 hours 6 cm
9616 16 cm Box 6 60 hours 6 cm
9620 20 cm Box 6 77 hours 6 cm

Welcome to the unique colouruniverse of ester & erik.

Please note that the colours can vary depending on your screensetting, so please only use these pictures as a guide. Contact us for our colourcharts.

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