The story about ester & erik

In Denmark, the lit candle is a gathering point that will create an atmosphere and make any occasion a special one. Owing to the country’s dark winter months, traditions run deep in Denmark when it comes to the craft of high-quality candle-making.

In 1987, Ester and Erik Møller (husband and wife) launched a production of hand-dipped candles. Their vision was to pay tribute to the proud traditions of candle making by creating the finest and most elegant candles for an exclusive and demanding customer segment.

Since then, ester & erik have refined the traditional techniques and further developed the concept. Today, we manufacture candles for candlesticks, cone candles and square candles with modern shiny surfaces, such as e.g. mother-of-pearl or lacquer finishes. But we never relented when it came to our original arts-and-crafts ambition – to make superior candles.

Today, ester & erik is a family business, now also including their son, Søren Møller. The next generation of the Møller family has come on board filled with ambitions to uphold the solid traditions as well as continuing the development of designs based on exclusive quality.

Wherever you go, quality and arts and crafts are much sought after characteristics; and ester & erik’s candles can be found all over the world – in exclusive interior-design shops and at the most renowned florists.

We believe that we owe our success to the honest and direct business culture on which we base our enterprise. And, of course, another decisive factor has been the invariably consistent high quality of the products we supply. This has solely been possible because, day in and day out, our highly dedicated staff put in a very special effort. They make sure that each and every ester & erik candle will be beautiful on the outside and strong on the inside. 

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